About Lead Market

Lead Market was developed to build value in credit providers non-conforming applicants and to give credit providers access to very high quality leads.

Historically lead generators are not known for providing vast amounts of high quality information about the leads they sell, making it difficult to assess the quality and consistency of their leads and subsequently their value.

Lead Market is different. Every lead includes the customer’s bank statement transactions history, information that enables us to provide very rich, reliable and decision ready analysis about the customer’s financial position.

Buyers prepare specific bids based on their target customer profile and when a lead hits the market all bids that match the lead’s criteria participate in the auction. The highest bidder wins the lead and pays the second highest bidders price. The auction process and data transfer is automated and we manage all customer handover engagement.

The seller recovers value sunk into the assessment of their non-conforming applicant, the applicant is put in touch with a lender who is truly interested in their application and the buyer gets a motivated, qualified customer that matches their target profile. Everybody wins.