Beyond traditional lead generation.

Be specific about the kind of customer you want, and only buy leads that meet your target profile.

Real value in a market environment

Lead Market delivers a true online market experience for both buyers and sellers. All bids that match a lead are identified when the lead enters the market and the highest bidder wins the lead. It’s that simple.

  • Real time trading environment
  • Immediate transfer of customer leads
  • Managed customer handover

Your customers will love you for it

By using Lead Market you are not only recovering value from your non-conforming applications, you are putting your customer in touch with another lender who is truly interested in their application. It’s win-win.

Rich data

Lead Market incorporates the customers application information and 90 day transaction history to build comprehensive bid criteria that delivers real visibility.

The days of buying leads based on the customers postcode and age are over. Get real, validated information you can rely on.

Granular bidding

Lead Market exposes the lead’s key characteristics so you can easily identify your target customer profile.

  • Target your ideal customers. Place multiple tailored bids at different price points to capture specific sections of the market.
  • Schedule bidding days and times. Set day of the week, time of the day and hourly target flow rates for purchasing leads.
  • Workflow management. Use decision points throughout your credit assessment processes to improve efficiency.
  • Manage your budget. Manage your cost of customer acquisition with no minimum spends and maximum flexibility.


Lead Market integrates both buyers and sellers to produce a straight-through process reducing customer disengagement and improving data integrity.

Our seamless integration allows sellers to automatically put leads to market and allows buyers to identify, bid, purchase and receive all information to their systems immediately.

Customer handover management

Effective customer engagement and handover management is critical to delivering a pleasurable customer experience and achieving a high conversion rate.

We offer a range of solutions to seamlessly disengage the customer from the seller and re-engage them with the buyer.


Buying or selling at market price is the best outcome for everyone.

Lead Market provides access to all participating buyers and sellers in a fully managed, secure and compliant environment.

Confidently buy and sell leads at market price. No duplicates, no tyre kickers, hassle free.

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